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Winter Golf Is 1,000% More Fun In the Philippines

Retirement Option for Financially Secure Snow Bound Winter Golfers... The aim of this website is to encourage financially sound retired golfers, including those that are members of the PGA retirement plan, who are frustrated by not being able to play golf during the cold winter months in the UK, USA and Europe, to visit my and my golfing friends, superior, yet inexpensive custom built homes in the Philippines. My purpose being to acquaint accomplished individuals with our unique, yet inexpensive by western standards, style of retirement living.

This is done with the view that a selected few will one day ask me to create a retirement home or villa for them to enjoy as we do and join our multi-national expat group at The Riviera Golf Club, located in Silang, Philippines and once accomplished, live at least part of the year within our exclusive golfing friendly community.

Many retired golfers spend months studying vacation rentals, villa rentals and vacation homes to find the perfect spot to enjoy warm weather winter golf. These related golfing holiday plans often include searching accommodations from Orlando vacation homes to Las Vegas vacation spots to, Scotland, Caribbean and South of France Golf Course locations.

If your retired lifestyle includes many months of cold, wet, can’t play golf winters, resulting in frustration and a desire to seek relief in a warmer climate. Then for those that wish to maintain their expertise and fitness on the course year-round, Riviera Golf Estate offers an exceptional lifestyle, commensurate with an individual’s life time income achievements.

Important Clarification… Throughout this website I advocate ‘retire to the Philippines’ yet when you search online there are many sites suggesting the exact opposite. The answer is I’m not advocating retire to the Philippines per say! Having lived here for 11 years I’m fully aware there are areas where it would be totally insane for a foreigner to retire to.

What I am suggesting is, if you are financially secure and your annual routine includes months of cold, wet and can’t play golf days, resulting in a desire to live in a warm climate and play year round, the Riviera Golf Estate offers this exclusive living.

If you fit-the-bill, my suggestion is to study this web site at length and if you are truly financially sound and sincerely interested, jump on a plane with your clubs and experience our tropical 12 months a year shirt sleeves and shorts lifestyle.

What can the Philippines offer a retired male golfer… Are you kidding!!

View of the Club House, Philippines.

The Golf Course and Clubhouse Facilities in the Philippines are World Class, the Riviera Bernard Langer course was judged the Best in Asia in 2006, comparable to Royal Birkdale, Muirfield, The Belfrey, Wenthworth and Sunningdale in England. TPC Scotsdale, Pebble Beach and PGA National in America? At a Fraction of the Cost!

Friends winter golfing in the Philippines.

We play golf for 12 months a year in shirt sleeves and shorts in the Philippines. Just imagine that... 12 months a year in shirt sleeves and shorts!